Tackling fraud is a priority for any organisation, and with economic crime on the rise, the need for effective prevention is more pressing than ever.

All businesses have something of value, be they financial assets, customer details or intellectual property, making them potential targets for fraudsters. Through traditional occupational fraud and the growing threat of cybercrime, the total cost of domestic losses to the UK in 2013 amounted to 52 billion, with businesses at risk of both internal fraud and increasing incidents of external fraud.

Preventative measures are key to protecting your business and your business from fraud. With assistance from Nicholls Law, you can be safe in the knowledge that procedures are in place to minimise your chances of becoming victim to the unscrupulous fraudster.

We will work with you and your business to develop and implement strategies to help you prevent economic crime, including:

  • An initial risk survey to identify where your greatest risks lie.
  • In-house training for you and your employees on how to prevent fraud, with particular emphasis on the ever-growing threat of cybercrime.
  • The implementation of a cyber defence strategy, minimising the risks posed by dangerous malware, phishing or spear phishing attacks.
  • Development of policies and procedures to reduce fraud risk in your business.

Through these measures, we can effectively and inexpensively eliminate up to 80% of your organisation’s risk and exposure to fraud. For a full range of our services, click here.