If a fraud has been detected in your business, the first few hours of the investigation are vital in ensuring a successful inquiry. Without a robust response plan, you run the very real risk of:

  • allowing the perpetrators to cover their tracks,
  • losing evidence,
  • wasting your opportunity to recover assets or to protect against the further loss of them,
  • making the situation worse, and
  • delaying regulatory investigations.

As well as dealing with the consequences of a fraud, there are a number of other procedures that might have to be adhered to in your investigation. However, if your organisation is not fully aware of the correct procedures to follow, you could jeopardise not only the investigation itself, but also your own credibility.

As part of our service to our clients, Nicholls Law will work with you to establish an effective Incident Response Plan if the worst were to occur. As the type of investigation needed will depend on the incident itself, we will offer advice throughout, ensuring your response is suitable, swift and effective, regardless of the scenario you face.

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