Paul Nicholls

Principal Solicitor Paul specialises in Civil Litigation and has 25 years experience, including five years with a leading firm in the City. He focuses on fraud cases ranging from financial abuse of the elderly to business and insolvency-related fraud. Paul’s work has a greater emphasis on recovering money and assets rather than criminal prosecution, and he has developed a strong record of settling cases in line with the clients objectives. In order to maintain his knowledge and skills in the rapidly advancing area of cybercrime, Paul has recently been awarded a Masters Degree in Fraud Investigation Management (MSc.). He has a first-rate team of specialists with whom he works to help meet the wide-ranging challenges faced in most fraud-related cases.

Andy Crow

Andy is a Data Protection Consultant and a qualified GDPR Practitioner. Having spent over 30 years in the City running business areas in two of the UK’s leading Blue Chip companies, he is fully aware of the many processes and procedures organisations must adhere to to be compliant with the law. Andy offers advice on all aspects of data protection and also co-ordinates with our partners in the Financial Services area.

John Moorhouse

John has a strong background in sales, compliance and trading. After receiving his Masters degree in Economics, he traded on the foreign exchange market for various banks in South Africa and London before moving to Reuters to help develop, launch and sell electronic trading systems. It was here that he built up extensive experience of working with internal and external regulators to ensure trading systems were compliant, and monitored end-user behaviour to detect non-compliance. John brings his expertise to the team to help businesses understand and develop strategies to prevent economic crime and ensure data protection compliance.

Julia Nicholls

Julia is the Practice Manager at Nicholls Law, and has a strong background in administration, marketing, public relations and sales. An IT graduate and former teacher, Julia delivers cyber security training to our clients and their employees, helping them maintain good security practices both at work and at home.