Tackling fraud is a priority for any organisation, and with economic crime on the rise, the need for effective prevention is more pressing than ever. All businesses have something of value, be they financial

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  Without the knowledge or the right procedures in place to detect fraud in your organisation, you leave your business and its assets vulnerable to opportunists and cyber criminals. With more than one in ten

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  If a fraud has been detected in your business, the first few hours of the investigation are vital in ensuring a successful inquiry. Without a robust response plan, you run the very real risk

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  If your business falls victim to a fraud, your first responsibility is to your shareholders and investors, for whom you need to: Maximise the recoveries of losses, whether this is financial or data-oriented Minimise

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Economic crime is on the rise and businesses of all sizes are targets, be it for their financial assets, intellectual property or valuable customer details.

At Nicholls Law, we help businesses prevent, detect, investigate and resolve the problems created by both traditional occupational fraud and the growing threat of cybercrime.

Through our partnership with specialist professionals, ranging from the insurance sector to the IT sector, as well as our ability to offer first-class legal advice, we provide valuable expertise for your business on all aspects of fraud prevention, remediation and Data Protection.

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